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Better Raindrops v1.6 + Addons – 1.47

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Better Raindrops v1.6 + Addons – 1.47 ETS2

The mod is updated to version 1.6

– Increased radius of windshield sound event
– Changed position of windshield sound event
– Slightly increased number of sliding drops for a better visual appearance
– Reworked position of front glass locators for SCS trucks in Truck Addon
– Reduced size of raindrops in Truck Addon

– In version 1.1 was added TRUCK ADDON. It is a sub-mod that triples the number of raindrops but ONLY FOR ETS2 SCS TRUCKS! INCOMPATIBLE with modded trucks and interiors.
– In version 1.2 of the main mod were added new sounds for rain and wipers. If you don’t like them, simply remove sound_br and sound folders from better_raindrops_v1.6.scs. If you are using TSRM mod, please install the fix. It will change the wipers’ sound and slightly reduce muffling for exterior audio.
– In version 1.3 were reworked car splash trails. If you don’t like them, simply remove the model and unit folders from better_raindrops_v1.6.scs.

Known issues:
If you’re experiencing performance issues after installing Truck Addon, try to reduce traffic by entering the console command g_traffic 0.5. Change the number to find the optimal balance between the amount of AI cars and your FPS in the rain

MAN TGX 2020 Tuning Mod v0.07 1.47
Evans Transport Megapack v1.0

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