ETS2 Parts/Tuning

MAN TGX 2020 Tuning Mod v0.07 1.47

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MAN TGX 2020 Tuning Mod v0.07 1.47 ETS2

Chassi 4×2 Lower
2 Lower spoiler variants
2 Upper spoiler variants
Hella Orange Lollys
Front Paint Filter
Paint Sun Visor Paint
Sun Visor Spitz also in Paint
2 Airbars
2 Lightbar Front Lip
1 Lightbar Radiator
2 Cabins Reflector
Chassi Plate Paint
Rear Bumper Paint
Marker Lights Rubber Optics For Trailer
High Beams For Lightbars
Hella Smalllight Orange,White,Red
Tail Lights Cabin Rear Wall
Kick with Slots in Chrome with MAN Punching
Exhaust Lightbar with Slots L/R
Wind deflector/rain deflector Plastic window pane
Lightbar Roof

Comil Campione HD MB 6×2 Bus Mod [ v1.37, 1.38]
Better Raindrops v1.6 + Addons – 1.47

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