ETS2 Skins

Evans Transport Megapack v1.0

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Evans Transport Megapack v1.0 ETS2

Volvo FH Classic and FH16, will require the Volvo Tuning DLC to get the painted lightbox among other things.

Scania R/Streamline and R/S 2016, again the Mighty Griffin DLC is needed to get all of the painted parts to make an exact replica. Cab sizes should be Highline for 2009, and the High Roof for 2016 to match the skins.

MAN TGX and TGX Euro 6, with alt. skins available to fit the larger or smaller cabs.
For the trailer skins, there are 3 Evans, 1 Evans with a Road Safety message, Palletforce, a Palletforce with Road Safety message, and SR Furniture (a company Evans delivers for)

Better Raindrops v1.6 + Addons – 1.47
DAF XF 105 Big Tuning Pack v1.0 1.39.x

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