ETS2 Trucks

ZIL-130/131/133 25.07.22 1.45

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ZIL-130/131/133 25.07.22 1.45 ETS2

Cabins (130, 131, 133)
Own salon
Four chassis options (4×2, 4×4, 6×4, 6×6)
Own sound
Own animation
Own wheels and tires
DLC support
Own tuning
There is a light in the cabin

Side mirrors no longer glow like fireflies at night.
Added support for painting side mirrors.
Fixed some textures on 2 tires.

Mod authors: RTA, Kraska
Adapted by: Prime044
Further development of the mod – Prime044
Update for 1.40 – Funyash
Update for 1.43 – Dalnoboy TV 42
Authors of fixes for 1.43: AJIEHA, Funyash
Update for 1.45 – AJIEHA

DAF 95ATI by XBS Hotfix V1.7.6 1.46
ceFeedBack G27 G29 G920 + RPM Leds 1.37

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