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Volvo Kipper Rework by Devix Dk 1.35-1.37

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Volvo Kipper Rework by Devix Dk 1.35-1.37 ETS2

Changelog v1.8
-added mobile crane version
-new beacons
-new flatbed accessory with load – credits for @lunna
-corrected uv
-added truck skin – brand painting fmx and dirt version
-deleted some cement mixers due to bad quality, instead added new liebherr ones
-added openable windows (1.37 only)
-corrected some texture
-uptaded template
-reworked rear crane on chassiss type 2
Changelog for 1.7 version
-added two HDS chassis with new load to equip
-fixed sand texture
-added compatibility for timon30 wheelen lightbars
-corrections in pump chassis
-corrected external camera
-new beacon slot on the roof
-new beacons used mainly in Poland with realistic patterns based on their real look
-transparency corrections
-corrections in kelsa lightbar flash pattern
-fixed “unable to map attribute” error
-added cistern equipment accessory
-truck now can be equipped with ADR plates bur require “signs on your truck” mod
-new dumper with crane accesory

Custom Attenuation Sound 1.43
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