ETS2 Trucks

VOLVO FH16 (2012) OHAHA v27.10

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VOLVO FH16 (2012) OHAHA v27.10 ETS2

– Support
DLC: FH Tuning Pack
– Support
DLC: Cabin Accessories
– Support
DLC: Window Flags
– Support:
Openable windows
– Support:
FMOD sound system

Changes in
Fixed bugs
Antenna as accessory
Decals on
sun roof and side panel (glass_rdecal and glass_sdecal)
badges moved to accessories. There might also be errors about missing parts in
game log. You can remove them either by selling and repurchasing your truck, or
by using “g_remove_missing_accessories 1”.
3d badges on
front grill
New engines
(D13K460 Turbo Compound and D13K500 Turbo Compound) with I-Save badge
New I-Shift
badge. Now have I-Shift and I-Shift Dual clutch badges
behind front wheels
reworked RPM part on dashboard


Ohaha, Pendragon
French Company Pack v0.1
CGL Scania S/SCS Box Trailer Combo v1.0

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