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Veens Herveld Skin Pack 1.40

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Veens Herveld Skin Pack 1.40 ETS2

I hereby offer my self-made skin pack from transport company Veens. The skins may not be 100% correct, but they come pretty close if I say so myself.


download the mod, open it with winrar and drag all files from the file into your mod folder.
!!!!! As the base of the truck skins I took an existing variant of which I do not know the author, I have expanded this further to the irl skin !!!!!
The pack includes:
daf xf 105 skin
daf xf 106 skin
trailer skin Veens Herveld scs trailer
trailer skin Veens Herveld krone dlc
trailer skin Veens Herrveld for Schmitz trailer
trailer skin cldn cargo for scs trailer
trailer skin dtc for scs trailer.

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