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Vanessa Pashmina Land Map v5.3

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Vanessa Pashmina Land Map v5.3 ETS2

Vanessa Pashmina Land is now in ETS2 1.43.
Requires ALL DLC MAPS to work.

Update LOG:
1.- Fixes Gas Stations, some mats missing are recreated and installed.
2.- Updated Map Version
3.- Added Ferry from Pashmina Park 2020 to Valencia (Iberia DLC)
4.- Other Minors bugs repaired.
5.- Added EAA GAMES BRAZIL Ferry to Vanemap.

Vanessa Pashmina (RIP), El Tio Alta, Team Reforma (Some Models), Sirio (Pemex Prefab), xKal3ylx and Never Forget (Beta Testers)
New Service v1.0.2
Route Advisor – Mini Mirrors 1.43

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