ETS2 Trailers

VAK Trailers v2.7.4

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VAK Trailers v2.7.4 ETS2

Ownable trailers!!!
You can find in this pack, Semitrailers 4m/4.4m height, two types of trailer with length 19.6m 4/5 axle. V-Sliders with curtains and side unfolding doors, Double trailers
This mod will restrict double and long trailers to Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland as vanilla game. If you wish to use trailers everywhere, you need additional addon activated!

Pack includes:
14 variants of the VAK trailers
Carrier coolers
Real company skins
Double trailers

Advanced coupling
Trailer lift axle
Steer axle
Company paintjob system
Animated braces
Trailer cables

Changes in 2.7.4: 1.44 compatibility

MB AeroDynamic Trailer v1.2 1.39.x
Volvo FH5 trial v1.0 1.40

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