ETS2 Parts/Tuning

V8K Blaine Wheels Rework by Solutech v1.1 1.40

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V8K Blaine Wheels Rework by Solutech v1.1 1.40 ETS2

Changelog v1.1
Updated textures on chrome and paint .
Normalised vertex values to remove lighting bleach
Updated tobj versions and no parts model to remove yellow errors
Tidied up trailer rears to remove inner pairs
Adjusted tireshift values .

Hope some of you can remember back to 2016 when this mod was first released by V8K Blaine .
I have reworked each rim to work with the games paint system and nudged and tweaked them so they now no longer need to use Blaines tyres .
The 3 scs tyres dont like them much so I’d use the DLC Michelins .
The rims also work fully with owned trailers so your boots will match all round.

Original Mod by V8K Blaine Rework by Solutech .
Volvo Fh3 Bring Skin 1.44
Mercedes Actros MP1 by ValheinXL v1.2.2 1.39.x

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