ETS2 Trucks

Used Trucks by Cid179 v1.45

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Used Trucks by Cid179 v1.45 ETS2

This is the Mod about used trucks based on default trucks of game base.

First step add a man, a iveco and a mercedes used 4×2 models. (Complete)
Second step add a man, a iveco, a mercedes and a renault 6×2 and a renault 4×2. (Complete)
Third step add a daf, volvo and scania 4×2 and 6×2 (complete)
next step add more engine options and more used model. (in progress)

added 2 more actros options
added 4 new actros options for buy
small fix on man euro 6 (show km on name bar)

cid179, scs
Dutch Style metallic Skin Scania S v1.0
DAF XF Euro6 by Berat Afsin 1.40

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