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URAL 4320-10 (1977) FIXED v1.43 -1.42

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URAL 4320-10 (1977) FIXED v1.43 -1.42 ETS2

“URAL 4320-10 1977 release” (This is a full converted version of the truck)

Last changes
Completely removed light on the windshield in the interior.
Fixed uninstalled textures and icons. (Sorry for the 1st update)
Fixed brakes – now they are more responsive like Kraz 255-258
Fixed chassis physics and truck handling on corners
Fixed the work of the wipers, which did not remove moisture from the windshield

1. Works with Army skins (38 types) and Rusty-Old paint (62 types)
2. Also in the archive for skins added 5 skins (in 4K SovTransAuto) for kraz 255-258
3. The archive has a cabin template for skins.
4. The previous link to the 1st update will be removed

Test on ETS2 version: 1.43.x.
Have a smooth road and a pleasant journey!!!

* Author: Lacoste36. * Author of 3D model conversion and animation: MaxX_AGENT. * Author of full adaptation: MaxX_AGENT. * The author of the archive with skins: MaxX_AGENT.
Tandem Krone addon MAN TGA version 1.1 (11/18/20)
Boreman LED Marker Lights Pack v1.9 1.44.x

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