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Ukraine Gas Stations v1.2 1.46

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Ukraine Gas Stations v1.2 1.46 ETS2

The modification replaces the standard filling stations in ETS 2 with Ukrainian filling station networks.
The list includes both large networks (WOG, SOCAR, OKKO, БРСМ-Нафта) and smaller ones (AMIC, Маркет, Кворум, УкрНафта, Авиас, etc.)
Also, the mod replaces some standard tank farms with OKKO, SOCAR, БРСМ-Нафта, WOG tank farms.
Replaced skins for fuel tanks for the respective oil depots, and added skins for the trucks used by the respective companies.

Requires add-ons (DLC) to work:
– Iberia
– Road to the Black Sea
– Beyond the Baltic Sea
– Vive la France!
– Going East!

Changes in 1.1:
-The standard types of fuel on the steles have been replaced with localized ones.
-Added a third type of fuel at large gas stations.

Changes in 1.2:
– Added skins of the BRSM and Socar for their own trailers.

Support for 1.46

Marcopolo G8 1800 DD MB FREE 1.43
Scania 143 P. Bjarne Andersen Skin 1.43

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