ETS2 Parts/Tuning

Truck Accessory Pack v14.11

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Truck Accessory Pack v14.11 ETS2

Changelog v14.11
Scania R/S bottom grill fix – Evo parts fix

This mod contains additional parts for SCS trucks.
This pack was previously the Scania Accessory Pack but has started to include other truck stuff.

Change Log v14:
General 1.40 Changes
Reworked Folder Structures
Merc 09 – Door Handle now supports UV2
Scania 16 – New 770 S/R Engines + Badges
Volvo 12 – Inlays now support UV2
Added some missing custom shop icons
Added ‘classic’ (slow on/off) square lumens plastic & paint

Change Log v13.13:
Made engines standalone.

Change Log v13.12:
Volvo 2012 Custom engine badges (chrome and paint)
Volvo 2012 Custom front Volvo Logo & FH/FH16 Bdge (Chrome and paint) add-on accessories- Note paint uses base colour in def file.
Update for FH Tuning changes.
Volvo 2012 globetrotter boxes.

Link 3 Mighty Griffin Compatibility Addon

Christmas krone 2020 1.39
RusMap v2.5 1.42.x

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