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Sound Fixes Pack ATS + v21.6 Mod

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Sound Fixes Pack ATS + ETS2 v21.6 Mod

2 new rain interior sound variants, courtesy of Darkcaptain.
Interior sound volume for rain is now controlled by the interior sound volume slider.

Slight adjustments to rain interior sound volume.

Better variety of thunder sounds, courtesy of Darkcaptain.
Added feature to make thunder sounds more loud at night.
Close thunder may now play before/after thunder sounds that are further away.

Improved rain sound in the interior view.

Slight reduction in interior tire sound volume.

* SCS Software for base sounds* Drive Safely for sound edits, some sound samples, and for compiling mod* antonvezdehod for high speed tire sound* Darkcaptain for a variety of thunder and rain sound samples* Deltatristar500 for an external parking brake sound sample* Grinch for default railroad crossing bell sound rework* kriechbaum for light switch sound* Vasily EVR for some air brake sound samples* Zeemod for a wind sound sample
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