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SCS Volvo FH3 D13 Sound v1.0

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SCS Volvo FH3 D13 Sound v1.0 ETS2

Engine sound credits go to Kapitan Kriechbaum.
All I am doing is transfering his sounds to another truck.

This mod replaces the SCS Volvo FH16 2009’s default engine and interior sounds with Kriechbaum’s D13 sound from his megapack sound mod for ATS.

It is also worth mentioning that this mod is completely standalone.

Known Issues:

When changing the engines in the shop, the icons for the engines resort to the defaults instead of the blue Volvo engines. I’m not sure how to fix this, but if anyone does, let me know, and I will make the changes as soon as I can.

In convoy mode, the engine sounds are not heard from other
player’s trucks.

DB Schenker Combo Skin Pack 1.43
Everything Unlocked v1.44 By Viss Valdyr

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