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SCS Truck Sounds Reworked MEGAPACK v3.0

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SCS Truck Sounds Reworked MEGAPACK v3.0 ETS2

This Mod is not to Interfere with the space for sound modders. This is a taste of one sound modder in many of the other sound modders of the community. It is made to any user of the community that utilizes all the Stock SCS in game trucks, but on the quest of an improvement of the sounds on a detailed level.
This should not and will not alter any ongoing sound mods and related mods at any level that are on progress by other sound modders.
The Community has great sound modders of taste, and there is always a choice of the respective user of the community mods. Shall a taste of such sound mod be a kind of yours, you may endeavor to continue your read and assessment of this post but rather shall not make the post a place to backfire with any sort of unusable comment.


Although recorded from REAL TRUCKS, It is audible that the current SCS Truck Sounds on the new release of the new FMOD sound engine for the game have a some what unprecedented lack of quality that have arisen due to the ongoing implementation of the new sound engine. Noting the improvement progress of SCS making on its own.
Nevertheless, RastaJr Productions as a sound modder with a defined taste of own has made changes to all the truck sounds as preferred as possible and as tasteful as one simply can design.
The Following work that includes a rework of, most for now but all for the future, sound of the current SCS in-game trucks of ETS2 has been implemented in a way to improve some of the mishaps of the overall truck sounds.
Exception to the EVR Sound Mod of the DAF XF105. I cant break logic to use a XF106 PACCAR sound to the XF105 when there simply is a free mod out there. If in Violation, the Author can simply ask and things shall be sorted out.
Notable improvements.

-Completely re-designed, re-structured, and re-sampled all the sounds of SCS.
-Using the whole sound library that SCS ever released in the base game file, a New MIX of sounds according to the recorded samples by SCS and respective engines.
-The Interchanging of sounds in the game has now been accurately re-defined.
-With a New Formula to mix all sounds (transitions that reach 200-400rpm per sample based on dependency) is used in mixing the sound. This has resulted in a success up to 90% of Sound Smoothness, when ever revving the engines or when ever the revs fallback.
-Carefully taken care of Horn Sounds that resemble the magnificent Hadley and FIAMM Horns of European Trucks.
-On the Basis that SCS has made a GREAT Improvement in the Miscellaneous Interior Stick Sounds, a unique Low Air Pressure Sound for every truck along with wiper sounds was only added to each sound improvement. Stick sounds that play for blinker sticks and so on were recorded uniquely for every truck as new by SCS and independently added for every truck. As a result, a decision not to replace such sound samples.
– And many more improvements made.

Version 3.0

-3 New sounds added. Now there are a total of 19 sounds.
-Iveco Euro 6, Renault Range T DXi11, Scania DC12 are the new sounds added.
-Effects sound have been added. (gear change, air brake sounds etc.)
-Fixed all errors that happen when using MOD Trucks
-Huge Update in composing the overall sound mod. Now all-in-one is available.
-Standardization and Remaking of nearly every sound mod. All sound mod has been standardized after tedious research of the game sound scape and values.
-Rearrangement of horns and many many under the hood fixes.

SCS-TSRM SCS Trucks mod

Iveco HiWay
Mercedes-Benz Actros MPIII
Mercedes-Benz Actros MPIV
Renault Premium
Volvo FH16 2009

Scania NewGen PGRS
Volvo FH16 2012

DAF XF by Vadik
MAN TGX 2020
MAN TGX Euro5 by MADSter
MAN TGX Euro6 by MADSter
Mercedes-Benz Antos
Mercedes-Benz Actros 2019
Mercedes-Benz Actros MP2 Black Edition by Dotec
Renault Magnum Updates by Knox
Scania RJL (R, Streamline, T series, 4 Series)
Scania R2012 by Fred
RPIE Volvo FH16 2012

R.J Productions
Piwoll With Emblem 1.39 v1.0
MAN TGS Euro 5 “REWORKED” (Russian and Indonesian Spec)

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