ETS2 Sounds

SCANIA 6-series DC13 I6 sound mod v1.1 1.43

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SCANIA 6-series DC13 I6 sound mod v1.1 1.43 ETS2

Changelog v1.1
Adaptation for patch 1.43
Individual noise reduction configuration for realistic sound insulation in the cabin
New samples Turbo
Added turbocharging effect on certain revs
Small changes and volume optimization in all audio tracks
Added warning signal when stopping the engine with the headlights

Completely new engine sound, built from sound samples recorded by me in reallife on a stock 2016 Scania G410 Euro 6 with the 12.7l DC13 inline-6 engine
All interior sticks, switches and accessory sounds recorded by me in a real 6-series Scania
Multiple features and a lot of small details, like a dynamic idle sound with AdBlue injection effect, realistic blinker sound behaviour, a warning tone when turning off the engine without parking brake.
Official Convoy-mode-support
Real Opticruise gearbox shifting sounds
Real air-brake sounds + specific sounds for applying/disengaging the parking brake

Mercedes Actros MP1 V6 and V8 reworked 1.38

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