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Renault Trucks Engine v1.2

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Renault Trucks Engine v1.2 ETS2

It is a mod that adds three new engines to the game, in this case it is for Renault trucks, whether it is the Premium, the Magnum or the Renault T.

It has the following characteristics:
– 650 hp (484 kW)
– 3300 Nm
– 1,110 at 1,450 rpm

The Renault Premium has a lower consumption than the Renault T and the Renault Magnum

– Renault Premium 14.1 L/100 Km
– Renault Magnum and Renault T 15.1 L/100 Km

These engines comply with the EURO 6 regulations of the European Union, so the environmental restrictions are minimal.

This Engine is a creation, it is not an engine that any truck from the Renault Trucks range had, but they did have a 600 CV engine when they were powered by MACK.

Marcopolo G7 1200 1.39 – 1.40
Reboque Metalesp Cavaqueira 1.43

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