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Renault Premium edit by Alex 06.05.2022 1.44

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Renault Premium edit by Alex 06.05.2022 1.44 ETS2

This mod replaces the stock Renault Premium and is not compatible with other mods that replace the stock Renault Premium such as those from Schumi.
The mod recycles the entire truck model
Other changes/options will also be added in the next updates.
Reworked truck model;
Added side skirts to 6×4 chassis;
Added 4×2 chassis with low platform;
Added engine icons;
Roof spoiler and side spoiler are now accessories;
Most of the parts are separated from the truck and removed accessories;
Added details such as front bumper, chassis deck, headlights, rear bumpers and mudguards and many more;
Added tandem low chassis 6×2;
Added new fuel tanks.
Updated for versions 1.43 1.44

Oleg Strukov
Kraker Walkingfloor Pack v2.1.9 1.45
Transport Logistik International Complete Package v1.0

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