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Realistic Rain v3.8.1 1.40

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Realistic Rain v3.8.1 1.40 ETS2

Changelog v3.8.1 for 1.40:
– Some small changes in the behavior of the raindrops:
The appearance of drops on the glass depending on the speed of the truck is now more realistic
Slightly increased the appearance of drops on the windshield (but they will also disappear sooner when there is no rain)
– Better opacity of the raindrops
– Texture water particles/spray has been changed
– Some textures and parameters/values have been adapted to the new 1.40 lighting
– The sound of the rain falling in the cabin has been changed

DarkcaptainThanks for support & feedback: Antoniopua, Stropher, JBX, silberfuchsThanks for the help with FMOD Tool: RobinicusThanks for the help in previous versions: Cip, Frkn64, AlexeyP
Volvo FH 2012 HUNTING EDITION v1.0
Sport Cars Traffic Pack by TrafficManiac v10.5

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