ETS2 Sounds

Real Train Sounds v1.45

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Real Train Sounds ETS2 v1.45 ETS2

Real Train Sounds ETS2 by Cip includes:
Real locomotive electric and diesel sounds
Partial personalised locomotive engine and horn sounds (m62, cc47e)
Slightly increased number of train cars for personalised locomotives
Separate wheel sounds for cargo / passengers / fast trains including brake sound and noises (thanks to Powerfull for his brake and noises samples)
Applied mover sounds for trains and harvester (replace in original scs bank)
Personalised sounds for rail crossroads per countries (some countries have multiple sounds playing randomly)

Cip Powerfull for some sound samples, FMOD
MAN TGS Euro 5 v1.5 1.45
Classic Cars Traffic Pack by TrafficManiac v9.8.1

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