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Real Traffic Density v1.46.e

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Real Traffic Density v1.46.e ETS2

Update: 5 Feb
Changelog v.1.46.e
Applied two rules that might speed up Ai to go faster

– Speed limits for existent Ai vehicles is not affected, my mod only changes speed limits for emergency, motorcycles and sport cars
– Semaphore cycle was improved to match with increased traffic density (yellow duration after green is also increased you don’t need an additional mod for this) from 1.38 1×2 and 2×1 roads have longer green for 2 lanes roads vs the one lane road within the same crossroad
– Slow vehicles can be seen with low density in traffic only in roads with 1×1 lanes and with higher density on country roads
– Classic cars and motorcycles can also be seen on country roads with low density and reduced speed
– Ai can overtake on simple continuous line on 1×1 roads

Volvo FH5 Beige Interior + Exterior 1.45
Ukraine Expansion Promods Addon v0.10 1.46

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