ETS2 Sounds

Real Ai Motorcycles Sounds v4.5 fixed

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Real Ai Motorcycles Sounds v4.5 fixed ETS2

Real Ai Motorcycles Sounds (addon to Motorcycles pack by Jazzycat v4.5) fixed
– personalized FMOD sounds including engine, engine brake and idle sounds for all Jazzycat motorcycles and partially personalized horn sounds
– personalized colors for most motorcycles other mod features only available if used together with my Real

Traffic Density mod and the RTD addon included in the 7z archive:
– Motorcycles are separate type of vehicles with own spawn rules, which means that spawn ratio values and number of motorcycles is no longer relevant in regard to their ratio vs other types of vehicles
– Motorcycles have their own speed class, higher than other cars, powered also by increased engine_power values. Higher speed class however will still obey traffic rules and speed limitation from traffic signs

Changelog v4.5.b:
– fixed possible crash with one motorcycles
– support for 1.45 including multiplayer

Cip, credits: Jazzycat for the motorcycles, FMOD and YouTube for the sounds
Russian Traffic Pack by Jazzycat v3.1.1
Bmc Levend v1.8 1.42

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