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ProMods New Map Icons 1.43

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ProMods New Map Icons 1.43 ETS2

ProMods New Map Icons ETS2
New map icons for ETS2 based mainly on the pre-1.41 icon set.
The entire base map icon set has been redesigned, including icons from the ProMods map. The classic style of the pre-1.41 icons has been reimplemented with inspiration from the post-1.41 icon set.

This mod has no dependencies or requirements; it can be used in combination with any map mod. Load this mod above all map mods.
This mod may be incompatible with other UI mods that change the map icons.

VOLVO VNL 670 V1.0.21 1.40
Neoplan New Cityliner 2021 v1.1.1

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