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Projekt Cesko v1.01 1.41

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Projekt Cesko v1.01 1.41 ETS2

Version 1.01
This update fixes all serious bugs from 1.0 along with an addition of a new city – Mladá Boleslav.
The importance of update is critical, so please download this update if you have used v1.0 till now.

Changelog v1.0
New/rebuilt cities: Prague, Benešov, Tábor, České Budějovice
New/rebuilt roads: D0, D1 km 0-21, D3 km 0-172 (full length), D5 km 0-14, D6 km 0-62, D7 km 0-2 D8 km 0-92, D11 km 0-18, I/19 Tábor North bypass I/34 Č. Budějovice – Úsilné, II/156, II/157

Custom Krone Trailer 1.39
Renault premium iranian edition 1.39 & 1.40

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