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Pro BD Map v8.4 Updated 1.38-1.39

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Pro BD Map v8.4 Updated 1.38-1.39 ETS2

Update Log:
Support on 1.38-39

Presenting the “Pro BD Map V8.4” for Euro Truck Simulator 2.

On Version 8.4 you will get:
1. Added AK1J Mega Traffic.
2. Laksana Traffic & Volvo Traffic.
3. Kurigram City Rebuild.
4. Bhurungamari City Rebuild.
5. Rangpur City Rebuild.
6. Sundarban Rebuild.
7. Highway Hotel Added On Rangpur & Cox’s Route.
8. Kurigram to Bhurungamari Route.
9. Dhaka to Rangpur Route.
10. New Bridge Added.
11. Village Environment Added.
12. New Broken Road Added.
13. Village Market & Shop Added.
14. Minor Bug Fixed.

Map Type : Standalone
DLC Required : DLC East, North, France, Baltic sea & Road to balck sea.

Sultan Mahmud
Baronz Transport Paintable Metallic Skins Pack v2.0
Combo skin Jaco Fleurs

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