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Physics Tweak 1.44

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Physics Tweak 1.44 ETS2

Changes: Update for patch 1.44.x
2 options – provides imitation of tire grip with a dry or slippery surface (reduced compared to the default SCS; tire selection and maintenance are more important)
changes the shape of the braking force characteristic (I find it most useful when “air brake simulation” is enabled, because it is possible to lightly press the pedal (good braking control without air release); gradual braking at low speed requires more pressure on the pedal)
increases the rocking of the cab (increases the permissible forward and backward movement) and lengthens the vibrations (reduces damping) of the truck cab during acceleration and braking
increases the weight of the truck (regardless of the weight of the chassis). Cab + driver = 1200 kg , wheel + tire = 127 kg
provides an imitation of a pneumatic seat (increased movement of the cab camera (driver’s view)).

Eddie Yantz
Ownable Kassbohrer LB4E overweight trailer v1.1.13

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