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New Actros 2019 Improved Dashboard v1.1.1

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New Actros 2019 Improved Dashboard v1.1.1 ETS2

Changes v1.1.1
Improves speed limit indicator
Update to the latest version of the original dashboard

This mod improves the readability of the Mercedes-Benz New Actros 2019 with slightly larger font. It also adds a speed limit indicator right in the dashboard.

Note: I tried to make this dashboard as close as possible to the real dashboard. However, due to few pictures of the real dashboard being available and due to the lack of proper variables from SCS, it is not possible to replicate the real dashboard at this time.
Fully compatible with 1.46.

Minimal Adviser Interface ATS & – Top Bar Version v1.1 – 1.43
IKEA Trailer version 1.37 / 1.38

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