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Momo`s Physics 9 v1.1 1.47

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Momo`s Physics 9 v1.1 1.47 ETS2

1. Realistic brake (finally), closer to a real automobile, it will not stop your truck suddenly any more (provided that you follow the recommended setting), now it is possible to stop your truck smoothly without spilling your coffee all over the dashboard, and it will not let your truck run out of control. You still have good control over your truck as you feel when you drive a car in RL.

2. No more crazy wobbling cab like a Loonie Tunes car. This mod makes the cab reacts more to the front and less to the side (the separate joint between the cab and the chassis). As a result, the cabin should now bounce slightly 2 – 3 times when you stop the truck, but it will no longer wobble to the side when you turn the wheel just 10 degree at low speed or when it should not wobble. It will wobble only when it is supposed to.

3. No more cabin jerking up every time you step on the gas even a little. But it will still jerk up when it is supposed to such as a high acceleration rate.

4. This mod also includes its own seat movement, but if you are not satisfied, it is also compatible with my Air Ride mods, provided that you place the Air Seat mods higher than this one.

To achieve the intended result, follow the truck setting displayed above, or start with it, then adjust to your liking from there. Also the “Physics camera” setting should be enabled and set to max.

If you are a truck driver in real life, and want to help me improve this mod to make it more true to RL trucks, please feel free to suggest in the comment section. If available, please provide a video link so that I can see your point more clearly.

1. ALL SCS trucks and all modded trucks (place this mod higher than modded trucks).
2. My Air Ride mods (place this mod lower than them).
3. All other mods that has nothing to do with truck physics and/or the seat. If you are unsure, place this mod higher than them.
4. All future patches until SCS changes truck physics (rarely) and/or until your mod manager rejects it (red dot). No need to ask me every patch.

North Macedonia Rework v1.4.3 1.42

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