ETS2 Sounds

Mercedes New Actros Sound Mod v1.47

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Mercedes New Actros Sound Mod v1.47 ETS2

Extremely detailed engine sound recorded every 100 rpms in 4+1 channel format with 4 synchronized microphones placed around the engine & the exhaust
Each interior switch, stick and warning tone recorded from the real truck and implemented into the game (e.g. blinkers, blinker stick, retarder stick, light switch, electric windows, etc.)
Many brand-new features have been implemented that aren’t part of the base mechanics due to a lot of programming and testing
3-stage engine brake with own sounds for each stage
Many details such as start/stop-button sounds when starting/stopping the engine, button sounds for raising/lowering the lift-axle, gear selector sound when shifting into reverse and much more
Mercedes-Powershift-3 gearbox sounds with different variations depending on the driving situation
Custom sound attenuation config for the truck cabin to have a very realistic sound insulation in the interior
Every sound placed in the correct 3D-position (interior + exterior)

Mercedes AeroDynamic Trailer v1.2 1.38
China Map [Truck Dream Road] v0.1 1.47

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