ETS2 Sounds

Mercedes Actros MP2/MP3 V6 sound mod v1.0

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Mercedes Actros MP2/MP3 V6 sound mod v1.0 ETS2

Welcome to new Mercedes Actros MP2/MP3 V6 sound mod for ETS2! It works on versions 1.39 and 1.40 of ETS2 and features realistic engine, interior, air-gear, air-brake and more sounds, which are all recorded in reallife.
The most sounds I used are from myself, but some engine load sounds are from a MB Axor truck mod for ETS2, which included sounds by EVR. They are free and unlocked, so I used them in this mod too, because you only hear them very lightly and only when the engine has 20-30% load.

The sound comes in two versions:
1. With the normal air-gear sound from a usual automatic gearbox
2. With the EPS/Telligent-gearchange-confirmation sound in the interior

You can only use one of these two versions at the same time, please remind that!

Renault Megane IV V1R80 1.42.x
MARCOPOLO GV 1800 DD V3.0 1.41

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