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Menu Music Remixes & Nostalgic Soundtracks v1.0

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Menu Music Remixes & Nostalgic Soundtracks v1.0 ETS2

Looking for a variety of nostalgic and new music for the game?

This mod includes:

10 main menu music tracks
2 delivery finished music tracks
1 cutscene music track
1 truck upgrade music track comprising of several music themes into one seamless track

The music includes original soundtracks from SCS Software titles and/or remixed versions of them from the following games:

Euro Truck Simulator 1
Euro Truck Simulator 2
American Truck Simulator
German Truck Simulator
SCANIA Truck Driving Simulator
18 Wheels of Steel series

The mod was tested on 1.46 but should run on all future versions. Happy trucking!

SCS Software, Drive Safely
Scania V8 Sound R950 Konstantinidis v3.0 1.43
Mercedes-Benz Tourismo 16 RHD Net Turizm SkinPack 1.39

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