ETS2 Trucks

MAZ 6422 (1981) BIG FIX 1.43-1.42.x

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MAZ 6422 (1981) BIG FIX 1.43-1.42.x ETS2

Last change:
Fixed wheels textures.
Fixed sound of MMZ engines.
The sound of MAZ Diesel engines has been changed. [evr]
The sound of YaMZ-236 engines has been changed.
Added sound for MAN Diesel engines
There will be no more updates with similar jambs.
Since today, I’m creating a test profile in ETS2 to test mods.
Once again please forgive me.
A’m Sorry on 1 update.
Test on version 1.43.x

Authors: JAWA, Stas556. Adaptation, refinement: AJIEHA. Steering wheel and windows animation: AJIEHA. Model conversion: MaxX_AGENT. Improvements and fixes in the log: MaxX_AGENT.
Roadtrain 1.42
Rigid Chassis Addon Eugene’s Scania NG by Kast v1.4

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