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Master Team Global Mods Pack v19

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Master Team Global Mods Pack v19 ETS2

No Requirement.
More than 200 Coded Tractors [ New Personal Trailers]

On All Attractors
b_gril – lower iron
steering_w – steering
sunshld – Sunshade
f_grill – medium iron
r_grill – top iron
sideskirt – side skirt
codrv_plate – right window accessory
drv_plate – left window accessory
intlight_bck – cabin backlight –
engine – engine
f_mirror – small front mirror
mirror – side mirror
s miror – right-hand wheel mirror
s_guard – windshield protection bar
curtain_f – parts such as curtain inside cabin can be added to all tractors from the service.
Iveco Truck Trailer
Automobile Transport Trailer 4 colors
Glass Transport Trailer
Panel Carrier Trailer 4 Units
Towing Trailer
Tanker Trailers Can Be Painted
White Dump Trailer
Paintable Trailer with 2 Side Covers
Schwarzmüller Refrigerated Trailer
Schwarzmüller Curtainsider Trailer and More
Special Cargo DLC loads Trailer
Krone Company Trailers Added
30 Container Cargo Can Be Installed From Service Added To Container Trailer
6 Gear Transmission Added For Daf 2021
Available to Buy from Gallery

Loads of Volvo Construction DLC can be purchased from the trailer gallery. As I always say, this mod includes more than a mod, there are more than 200 coded tractors from all brands and a total of more than 200 coded tractors. in other words, you can do b double – hct – double – and triple train road in standard trailers, you can make h3 trailers in hct and krone in Krone and Schwarzmüller trailers. You can change rims etc. on double bumpers, small tires and small tires. 8×4 chassis cabin You can use the and paints on any tractor you want, it’s free. The restriction limit on the parts has been removed and the trailers can be sent to any place you want, for example, you can use hct and triple in Istanbul. You can change the font colors of the paint with Scania Streamline. Download and try it. I’m waiting for everyone in the discord, if there is a place you want or hang out, do not hesitate to come to the discord. Please do not download the video without liking it, I would appreciate it if you support me.

Works on Truckers Mp

Master Team [ By Caner ]
Hella Lamp Pack v2.0.2 1.45

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