ETS2 Interiors

MAN TGX Realistic Dashboard Computer 1.44, 1.45

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MAN TGX Realistic Dashboard Computer 1.44, 1.45 ETS2

This mod only modifies the central computer screen.

– Accurate bitmap/LCD fonts
– Arrow icons for L/H splits for manual gearbox
– Retarder indicator
– Reworked clock and ambient temperature display below tachometer/speedometer
– Reworked gear display (Rm for first reverse gear)
– Trip Distance
– Trip Duration
– Trip Average Speed
– Odometer
– Average Fuel Consumption (page fixes this at L/100km, so display is ‘inaccurate’ if you change the units)
– Trip total fuel consumed
– Low Fuel Warning
– Service Warning
– Oil Temperature
– Turbo Pressure
– Instant Fuel Consumption bar
– Battery Voltage
– Engine hours
– Cruise Control display

d Focus 1.43
Finnmark Mod v0.3 beta 1.40

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