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MAN TGX fix 1.40

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MAN TGX fix 1.40 ETS2

Glass fixed, dashboard lights fixed, headlights fixed, tried to fix the interior lights too and couple of tweaks.
Its still buggy and has issues I cant fix, as the mod and the model really need reworked fully for 1.40

– Improved normal exhaust and batterybox
– New V8 exhaust added
– Special V8 wheels added
– Spare wheel for 4×2 chassis
– Low deck chassis
– New 3D Cab and Chassis
– New 3D chassis and engine badges
– Selectable foglights function
– Improved lights texture and lightmask
– Two new leather steering wheel
– Manual gearbox depending on the gearbox selected
– New mirror system
– Animated air and electrical cables
– Customisable license plate
– Wind deflectors in different versions
– New on board display (as realistic as possible)
– Remade engines/transmission
– Efficinet Line and V8 skin
– Paint correction (vertex color value changed to match SCS trucks)
– Independent low poly shadow geometry (this should reduce lag)
– Various fixes and improvemets

MADster Fix: AoD_Lexandro
MAN TGA v1.6 1.40
Route Advisor & Middle mirrors v1.0

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