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MAN TGA Custom Dashboard v1.0 1.40

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MAN TGA Custom Dashboard v1.0 1.40 ETS2

Got my new custom dashboard in a working and “final” state.
This is a
fully updated dashboard display with improved functionality and display
This also replaces the “orange” panel, with this new display.

Pretty happy with the layout and style but think I need to add one or
two icons to improve it a bit more (CC hold/ headlights / Engine brake).

But I dont want to clutter it so Ill take some time to get those done
in the right way.

MADster - For the awesome truck Piva - For guidance and advice AoD_Lexandro - For doing another dashboard mod
Carreta Graneleira Guerra 1.41
SCANIA R700 Reworked by kasuy v1.44

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