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Krone CoolLiner *Tutorial v1.39* 1.39.1

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Krone CoolLiner *Tutorial v1.39* 1.39.1 ETS2

Changelog v1.0
-Adjusted height to 3m.
-Stickers removable.
-Added removable and yellow reflective side stripe.
-Added removable and red reflective rear stripe.
-Added more bumpers.
-Added new template(Inside zip file).

Changelog v1.1
-Updated all models for 1.35 DX11.

Sogard3.SCS (Base model from CoolLiner DLC).Abasstreppas (Wheels).Axelrol (License plate model, flares & round taillights).R3AP3R (Skins).DaviD_SRB (Skins).
ZIL 5423 1.40
Krone Pack Holland Style

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