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Kosovo Add-On ProMods – v1.0

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Kosovo Add-On for ProMods – v1.0 ETS2

This is my first release of an add-on or a mod for the ETS2 community. Do remember, I haven’t tested with other mods like Macedonia Rework or Project Balkans, but I will test with those mods and report it soon.
Version 1.0 adds two towns — Ferizaj and Lipjan into the game. Access into Kosovo in this version is only possible through the Skopje-Pristina route. Unfortunately in this version, there is a fictional connection between Sazli and the main highway which is not present and I will definitely work out a realistic connection in the next version. In the future versions, as ProMods expands hopefully in Montenegro, Serbia, and Albania, one can access this mod.
Please don’t ask why this street is absent or that building or some iconic monument is not there. The only thing, I will need to rectify for the next version is to truncate some parts of this add-on to fit Pristina and Mitrovica into the already cramped space.
To install this, drop the mod (the .scs file) into your mod folder and place it above the ProMods in the Mod Manager. All the map DLCs including DLC Iberia are required for this to work.
If there are any bugs/criticisms, please do report them in this thread, because it will make me a better mapper and improve those, unless those are major bugs, in the next version. In my spare time, I will also comment on whether they work with combined load order for various maps.

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