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KJ’s Economy & XP Mod v1.0 1.45

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KJ’s Economy & XP Mod v1.0 1.45 ETS2

– Receive 50% back for selling your truck instead of 35%
– Receive 30% fuel discount in your own garage instead of 15%
– Increased base revenue per mile driven by about 33%
– Reduced abandoning Job Fines down to $100
– Reduced cost of damaging trucks and cargo by about 50%
– Reduced time to rest to 6 hours down from 10 hours
– Increased time able to drive before rest to 18 hours up from 14 hours
– Change percent that talents increase instead of always 5%, to go from 5% up to 10% increase on the max rank.
– Generally increased XP earned from activities
– Boosted the XP per Mile/KM driven
– Boosted the rewards for parking the trailer, especially the hard parks 750xp for single trailer and 1000xp for double trailers

New Genova Bridge ProMods v2.0 Addon 1.37.x
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