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Kirov and Kirov region v1.1 1.42

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Kirov and Kirov region v1.1 1.42 ETS2

Kirov and Kirov region map

Changes in 1.1.
– Support of a convey mode
– Added by the city of Yaransk
– Added track P243 (Kotelnich – Sharya)
– Postreated by the bypass G. Sharya
– Gruces in all companies are now common with default or other mods
– Alarm bugs, multiple lashaft repainted

Scale: Standard (1:19)
The map is completely independent and should not cause any conflicts with any other modes.
No standard file game is replaced, everything is yours
On the map completely its objects and models
Options How to get to the region:

Crossing from Tallin
Buy garage in Kirov

Requires all DLC maps

Kirov Team
Dart 2.0 SCS extractor /ATS 1.43.x
Construction Lights 1.45

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