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KFC Colonel Voice Your GPS Navigation

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KFC Colonel Voice For Your GPS Navigation ETS2

This mod add the KFC Colonel voice for your GPS

Language included :
English (1.0.0)

All the sentences used by the default game are not present in this mod because some of them are not used by Waze. I’ve replaced those sentences by sound effect used by the application.

Features :
– Navigation indication are announced earlier than with default game ( Not at the exact moment you turn, exit, or have to change way)
– 4 Different sentences to start your ride (Some of them are serious other are fun)

List of sentences replace by sound effect :
– U-turn (Use of a random song of Waze)
– recomputing (Use of the real sound used by Waze)
– Over Speed (Use of a random song of Waze)

For the next update :
– Use of the exit_now phrase of the game
– 5 more start phrase

– Add compatibility with 1.37
– Internal tweaks and optimization

Oslo KFC And Waze
Sound Fixes Pack v23.16
Northern Trade RJL Skin

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