ETS2 Trucks

Kamaz 54901/К5 v1.4.1

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Kamaz 54901/К5 v1.4.1 ETS2

Sold at Iveco dealerships and at a mod dealer
2 cabins
2 chassis
Its engines and gearbox
The sound is taken from Mercedes Actros MP4 1842 EVR
Its wheels
Glass animation
Own skins + painting
In agency orders
Cable support
DLC Cabin Accessories Support
Changes: Added Cummins ISX15 (500, 550, 600, 650 and 735 hp) with the original soundtrack.

Lacoste36, Валера Русаков, Alex Kaiser.
Big Stobart Mod v17.0
Jan Mayen Official Release v0.4.1 1.44

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