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Jetbus3 EP3 MH v2 1.45

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Jetbus3 EP3 MH v2 1.45 ETS2

Working mods for ETS 1.45 and up
Known error:
Unable to find wiper bone ‘joint60’, check your definitions!
Support multiplayer convoy, No Crash
No other Error, No Warnings, Clean Console.

– Muhammad Husni (Pemilik base EP3 original)
– Orang tua
– Valent Alif N (Tutor Blender & Hook up flare)
– Bimo Wahyu Saputro (Fix version)
– Adyatma Arkaan Pradipa (3D Model lampu depan)
– Ferdy Firmansyah (Fix sen ngalir & wiper)
– Indra Pradnya Winanta (3D model speedometer Hino RK8)
– Andra (3D model bumper facelift)
– CMT Member (support refrensi&Quality control)
– Muhammad Rafli Habibie (Livery support)
– Yusron Asrori (Livery support)
– Wahyu Ramdhani (Livery support)
– Rizqullah Gusti Salim (Livery support)
– Septian Erizon (Livery support)
– Made Khrisna Yoga (Livery&Transmission def support)
– Adi Winata S (Livery Support)
– Febri Lusanto (Livery support)
– Syahrizal Immanudien Haq (Livery support)
– Pratama Modesto (Livery support)
– Ragil Prasetyo Putro (Livery Support)
– Wahyu Wahyudi (Livery support)
– Gibran Hardiyanto (Livery support)
– Fadio (Livery support)
– Afif Zainudin (Livery support)
– Erwin Utama Putra (Livery support)
– Thamara Satya Rizky Siregar (Livery support)
– Avan Damar Samodra (Livery support)
– Raka Januar Affandi (Livery support)
– Radhitya Rabbani (Livery suppport)
– Alvian Pramono (Livery support)
– Kepada semua orang yang telah membantu dalam pengerjaan mod ini

Muhammad Husni
Mercedes-Benz AMG GT R 2017
Mercedes Actros V6 Stock Sound v1.0 1.40

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