ETS2 Trucks

International LoneStar SCS 1.37/1.38

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International LoneStar SCS 1.37/1.38 ETS2

The engines are fully tuned, torque curves, engine braking revolutions and power mode are set out in detail, engine sounds are replaced with Robinicus sounds, fuel consumption is reduced (you can press the trigger on the trigger to an average consumption at high speeds of 30 liters per 100 km).

12-speed and 8-speed transmissions have the main pairs 4.10 and 6.33, respectively, which positively affects the transmission of torque to the drive wheels. In both gearboxes, the delay when shifting gears in automatic mode is reduced, which significantly reduces the loss of torque and speed when shifting to another gear and reduces the acceleration time of the truck.

– standalone
– Sold by retailer of retailers and Mersedes dealer
– 1 types of cab
– 6 chassis options
– 6 engine options
– 4 transmissions
– 3 interior options with 2 color options
– Registered in the gallery and traffic
– A bit of tuning
– Cable support

– Test version: 1.37.x


- Authors: "SCS"- adaptation in ets2: PRAPOR
SCANIA PGRS LNG Chassis addon – 1.39
South East Asia v0.2.4 1.47

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