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Interior Lights & Emblems v9.3 1.46

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Interior Lights & Emblems v9.3 1.46 ETS2

Added 4 new emblems
Added optional support for the convoy mode

The mod adds LED emblems and backlight (red, white, blue, green, purple, yellow, orange) into the interior of trucks.

Compatibility with all SCS trucks, as well as:
– Scania RS (RJL);
– Scania t (rjl);
– Scania R4 (RJL);
– Scania T4 (RJL);
– Volvo FH16 2013 (Ohaha);
– Man tgx euro6 (Madster) (only driver emblems);
– Man TGA (Madster) (only the driver’s emblems);
– Volvo FH5 2021 from KP TruckDesign.

PW Engines Classic Sounds Pack v1.4 1.40.x
Next Generation Scania P G R S Pack v2.5.5 1.48

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