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Improved SCS Rain v0.1.2 1.43

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Improved SCS Rain v0.1.2 1.43 ETS2

Changelog v0.1.2
Update for 1.43

Want SCS raindrops? Perhaps you’re interested in this mod.

This mod builds on the SCS raindrop textures, but has been improved to make them look more realistic: the raindrop dimensions have been reduced slightly and the number of raindrops increased. credits to ‘Grimes’.

In the rest of the aspects, several parameters of rainrop behavior have been slightly modified, sounds of rain were improved and sounds improved (Sounds from Realistic Rain Mod).

Works with ATS and ETS2 1. 43 version
Compatible with Drive Safely Sound Fixes Pack.

SCS, Darkcaptain, Grimes Thanks with FMOD Tool Guides: Drive Safely, Robinicus.
Slovakia Map v30 1.47
Trailer with Animation 1.37

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