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Ikea Tandem REWORK v1.2

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Ikea Tandem REWORK v1.2 ETS2

Name of skin: Ikea Tandem v1.2 [REWORK]

Version: 1.0
8k Resolution

Compatible with:
-Scania ( Eugene )
-Riggid ( Kast )

ADD and Rework in ver. 1.2
-4500mm Chassis
-4700mm Chassis
-All Ekeri Box’s ( 4m, 4.4m, 4500mm, 4700mm )
-Add 2 New trailer ( Now have 4 trailer )
-8k lightbox
-Painted S U P E R badge by 50k
-Rework Mudflap on trailer’s

Mapa sertao v2.0 1.43
Dachser Food Logistics v1.0

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