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Ikarus 250-59 + passengers 1.41

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Ikarus 250-59 + passengers 1.41 ETS2

– Global optimization of polygons for improving performance.
– Adaptation 1.41 – setting up materials, texturing, reflection, lighting.
– Improved permeability at the checkpoints – the main axis is shifted.
– Fixed Hook axis position (hitch axis).
– Changes in physics – suspension, traction, adaptation for passenger traffic.
– deleted extra transmissions (will be transferred to Ikarus 260)
– update sounds.
– Sound positioning in 3DProst.
– Localization of names is prescribed.
– Fixed icons errors.
– Recycled wheels.
– Fixed camera.

– several new skins, supported support for the user’s own painting;
– several variants of the rear axle reducer and transmission, which were used on Ikarus 250 different modifications;
– Engine D10 and their original sound (thanks to friends from Hungary, for the provided recorded samples.

author: Team - Sovtransbus Author 3D Model: Karen Chakhalyan Kansky Conversion author: Gosha Motor (2016) Authors of the update: Snare85 (Zheka Lunev) - sound, physics, scripts. Ottermage, HVN731 - Sound samples, information. Kodolo Alexander (Mercuriat) - 3D model, graphic editor, animation.
Anadol Pickup V1R90 1.43
Talson Skinpack v1.0.5 – 1.44

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